Flexinmultipla the celebration of a car that you either love or hate and seeing one on the streets definitely will make you smile! A piece of car history and an example of how design thinking could be.

Why we are supporting the Fiat Multipla:


The Fiat Multipla always was a car, that pushed boundaries. Its design could be called radical but always puts functionality first. Even though most of the people would think it’s ugly we believe that this car has done something very right. It doesn’t follow the rules and therefore is a piece of self-confidence and innovation. The design may seem odd but have a closer look without judging too fast, you will see how happy the car looks, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and definitely will make you smile! 

The Multipla is not just a car, it is a symbol of coolness, freedom, self-confidence, innovation, fun and extending conventions and boundaries! If you believe it or not. 







Why we are running this page even though it‘s crazy:







We met each other in school and since then we are all very close friends. As we did our studies, we lived far away from each other and wanted to have a project together. The Instagram page was a perfect thing for that, where everyone could implement what he’s good at and everyone has lots of freedom. We are independent from others and are just doing what we love! We’re enjoying posting your cool pictures so much, making stories and communicating with people from all over the world!


Another reason why we’re running this page is because the car is representing a lifestyle that fits very much to our idea of living. Not taking yourself too seriously, thinking differently, making people smile, focusing on the inner values and being truly self-confident. We want to share and spread this idea with people all over the globe and are very happy that many people like it. Knowing that you are putting a smile on somebody’s face just feels right.






















Back in 2011 the one and only Michael P. started flexin in front of Multiplas, knowing this car is something special. Little did he know, that so many people would respond to his crazy idea of posing in front of the world’s ugliest car. In 2017 he created a page on Instagram with a collection of his own flexes and flexinmultipla was born. In 2018 Michael S. joined the page and soon after Lennart H. and Stephan P. completed the gang. Since then we are sharing almost daily pictures of people flexin in front of a Fiat Multipla. One very big highlight in the history of flexinmultipla was meeting the designer of the Fiat Multipla in Turin, the living legend Roberto Giolito. He is also supporting our site and even gave us a hand signed model car of the Fiat Multipla.  

Our community Multipla:


Since December 2019 we own a community Multipla! In a crazy ride to Turin, we went to Italy and took this Italian beauty to Germany. Our dark-blue baby now is driving through the streets of Bochum and is very happy to take you for a ride too. Followers of the Instagram page already sent us many CDs so that we have our very unique Playlist in the car. The car was built in 2003, is a SX variant and runs on petrol. 


Flexinmultipla Michael Paderta

Müddersheimer Str. 6

53919 Weilerswist